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"There is no try, only do or do not"

Posted by on July 5, 2020 at 9:40 AM

I have not posted for a while.

Like many, I find myself caught in the arc of history and the times.

Our plans and preparation for the future now requiring a redrafting.

We are not a “remote” culture, but Teams and Zoom are our new office.

In my current work in nonprofit social services, the rules are changing. Some because they have too and some because they can. I know it is not just our sector.

None of us can sit and watch. We must do. Moreover, we must do together on the big issues.

Therefore, what is the punch list?

1. 11.3.2020 vote. Fight to protect your and others right to vote.

2. Vote 11.3.2020. It is where accountability starts.

3. Wear your damn mask, go long on hand sanitizer, 6 feet means 6 feet. Science matters.

4. As a leader, confirm your Mission, Vision and Values, what is your North Star? Is it valid?

5. If it is in these times, double down. If not, reload and accept change. Drive it. Quickly.

6. I suspect we all call for racial equity in America, what are you doing to make it real? Are you getting help so you drive real change?

7. Care for your team, care for your clients, care for yourself. See #6.

8. Communicate the truth; its absence sows fear and discomfort.

9. Learn from these times, reality has never been sharper. Know your data. Forecast, as time and insigt are a gift. Nimble is how you survive. Talent, Data, and Assets are your levers. Know and manage all three. Know reality and shape it where you can, adapt where you cannot.

10. Every day, do your job. Move towards your North Star. Your team, your customers and clients, count on it. Not everyone has the assets to make it through a crisis. Keeping people employed and moving forward is job one. The team delivers the mission.

You may never have the opportunity to make a bigger difference than you do now.

To quote, “There is no try, there is only do or do not”




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