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Week 10

Posted by on May 17, 2020 at 4:15 PM

So today starts week ten of stay at home for Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. At this point, we are all beginning to realize that we are never going back to pre-March 13th.

We have some choices. We can move into our darkest places and shut down, or we make our new future state work—some choices.

1. Leadership, we have an election coming up. I suggest you vote. Think about the proper role of government in our lives.

2. Health, I appreciate the thought behind the open up movements and individual freedom, but I note there is not much freedom for the 86,000 Americans who have died and their families. Let us balance the risk and the reward.

3. The economy, first see point 1, and we need to draw on our innovative spirits and recreate business that works in this environment and keeps people safe and employed. See point 2.

4. Equity, might be a good idea to define and value essential jobs differently.

5. Equity again, it might be a real good idea to look at the impact CV-19 is having on all our different populations and look at root causes, and once and for all address. Education and new economy skill development, housing, a living wage, access to health care would be the four I would want to understand and support fundamental changes in our current approaches. Again, see point 1.

6. Transformation. The business model has fundamentally changed, and we need to make sure as our economy converts, we support workers caught in the transition. Retail vs. on-line, travel vs. stay at home, hospitality, education vs. on-line. The economy will always need consumers, and the new economy will need workers. Thinking through how to balance these two trends will be critical as we transform.

7. Stay at home vs. office. Some old attitudes will need to change, and we will need to embrace a different working model. Good for some employees, not all. Coaching and management will need to adapt. Essential on-site work will need to be fairly valued.

8. Preparedness. We got caught, and we should not have. Infrastructure matters, as does science. See point one. Let us invest wisely. We have oil reserves. We have FEMA, and we need to be able to respond when the next pandemic hits. It is not as if we did not have a warning. On this point, both Fox and MSNBC agree. We can also prepare a thoughtful response to the economy and have support systems, like unemployment, that can handle a surge.

Out of every crisis comes lessons.

I hope, so does learning and actions.

I have found that the light is so much better than the dark.

Note, you have to turn on the light. See point 1.


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