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There is no new normal.

Posted by on April 10, 2020 at 10:45 AM



There is no new normal because there was no old normal. Ever


CV-19 is undoubtedly not the first nor likely to be the last crisis that changes the rules.


So what are the takeaways from this moment?



We are all impacted by CV-19, but we most certainly are not all in this together. If nothing else, this pandemic has laid bare the fundamental economic disparity in America. The reality of essential and nonessential work. The ability to work from home and be safer or to be on the frontline of health care, social service, critical industries, and supply chain services. The brutal alternative to non-essential is that a business with no inbound revenue cannot employ workers, with the consequence that 30 million Americans are without income and little assets to carry them through such a time.



Leadership matters and not just in the White House. Given 90 days' notice and I could make the case years notice and the best science available, how are we caught with our national pants down? We have dismantled critical national infrastructure and put politics and self-interest ahead of national interest. CV-19 was not fake news. Not connecting the dots and acting quickly and with intention is a failure of our Federal Government and Industrial Ecosystem, and we all own the blame. We vote, and we are accountable.



We can take the same roads out of this mess or we as a nation decide to take new ones. I know we will get through this, as the sun will come up. We will have and continue to pay a terrible price. The question is what we do differently. Can we create change in our future? With both pre and post-CV-19 as a baseline.



Can the nation come together and make a case for an economic recovery this time that provides a living wage for all Americans? Can we use the building of infrastructure to fuel that economic recovery? An infrastructure that is environmentally thoughtful, infrastructure that brings critical supply chain components back to America. Can we build a healthcare system that is robust enough to care for all in all conditions and not just future threats? Can we train and educate for the new economy and not the old one? Can we define an attribute of free enterprise that rewards the we and not just the me? Can we acknowledge that all work is essential and that all work has dignity? From the caretaker to the CEO?



Can we make the phrase, "We are stronger together" real?


Can we call for leadership that leads all of us?


Can we call for leadership that is willing to put the national interest ahead of self-interest?


Can we do the same?


Can we make different choices?



There is no new normal, but there is better.

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