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Dog People

Posted by on April 24, 2021 at 4:10 PM

We are dog people.

I can separate the world into people who are dog people and those who are not.

We have friends in both camps, and we even have friends who are cat people.

Our current fur ball is a two-year-old West Highland Terrier female named Clover. As in four-leaf.

Perhaps because of Covid quarantine, she and I have learned to talk, well she speaks, and I understand, when I talk, she does what she wants. After all, she is a Westie.


A short bark and a lick is time to get up. Which means I get up and let her out, make the coffee, and if we are on time, she barks twice to be let in, get her feet wiped, and a treat, after which she returns to the bed for another hour of sleep with my wife. Mind you; this is usually at 6 AM.


A bark at the pantry door is breakfast or dinner. One would be wise not to ignore this announcement.

A low growl at the toy box is I need help getting my toy. Never mind, it is on top.


A scramble to the front window and barking that would wake the dead is one of several possibilities.

Someone walking a dog, the UPS or FedEx person, I note the FedEx regular has treats and therefore is much more welcome at the door. I am told the same drill, but a much higher pitch barking is the announcement I am turning into the driveway.


Then there is the ironing board. Apparently, she hates the ironing board. From anywhere in the house, when it comes out, she comes flying and barking and growling. God help you if she gets the ironing pad in her jaws. She will shred it and has. The hardware store must think we do know how to use an iron.


But the best is when I am working at my desk, and she climbs into the dog bed I have under it. She snores but is that low heavy contented breathing way. She wants to be with me, and I am happy for the company.


There is something about the unconditional love between a dog and the people with who they live. They know our moods, they invoke our emotions, and they sense the good and the sad. They are at the door when we come home and always with an excited bark and tail wag. We could learn much about relationships from them. Something about just being present. In reality, they can chew the rug, come home muddy, and smell like a skunk, but you forgive and clean them up, and they love you back. A lesson I suspect we should use in other relationships and we would be better off.


Yes, we are dog people. What I am grateful for is that there are people dogs.


She has taught us a lot.




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