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Will we do more?

Posted by on August 16, 2020 at 10:40 AM

My daughter takes about CV19 in terms of the “before” time, the “now” time, and the “after” time. The “now” time has all of our attention, frustration, and hope. At ECS, we are working to deliver essential services at our shelter and emergency housing, and getting ready to staff our Out of School Time program in the Fall to support the City and School District as Philadelphia children go back to school virtually. Plans are underway to provide pods of 25 throughout the city to ensure children are safe, learning, and working parents can work. Our other vital services we are delivering virtually and in some ways, because of time and place challenges, more effectively. Our transformational programs based on the best available brain science that coach individuals have at their roots, helping individuals learn to problem solve. If ever there was a time to build this skill, it is now. We continue to grow these programs and collaborate with other agencies to deliver these services. For more information, see and specifically MindSet.

However, what about the “after” time. Against the new realities of finally calling out and acknowledging systematic racism on a national scale, will we do more? Against the record unemployment in black and brown neighborhoods, when PPP fades and other temporary measures end, will we do more? With the genuine possibility of a lost school year and higher education looking at a dramatic shift in both delivery and expense, will we do more? With poverty, sure to rise, will we do more? Will we value our essential workers differently, will we do more? Will we use the resources, time, talent, and treasure of our nation to raise all boats, to create new jobs, will we do more? To say it once more, will we put grandchildren over greed?

I recently joined several individuals to write an op-ed laying out one possible direction. The 5 Rs — Recognition, Recovery, Reimagining, Reform, and Resilience — are the blueprint for a new dialogue, a strategic path forward that includes all of us. To read the full article see


We will get through the “now” time. It is the “after” time that concerns me. For many, the path to prosperity just grew significantly harder and steeper. If history is any indication, many of us will look inward, and we will turn inward. We are at a pivot point that affects us individually, but also our children and our wider community of all our families and children.


There can only be one answer to the question, “will we do more”?


It has to be “Yes,” and it has to be all of us.


On 11.3.2020, our vision for America has to be one for all Americans. Leadership matters. Especially ours.


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