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Unconditional Love

Posted by griffithd on October 6, 2019 at 2:35 PM


I am sitting on the bench in our kitchen overlooking our garden. The garden is in that October transition from vibrant greens to fall browns and reds. The dog is asleep next to me curled in the shape of my leg and breathing in a deep and slow rhythm. It is that Sunday time after church but before the Eagles game, all under a fall grey sky. The coffee always tastes better. I love October.

I will now love it for a new reason. Tomorrow our son is getting married and shortly afterwards adopting the son of the women he is marrying. We are gaining a daughter in law and our first grandchild. While we have been anticipating the event for some time, it is now here. When the dust settles they will have a more formal gathering with friends and family. We are thrilled on many levels.

The event also gives me pause to reflect on the nature of family, children, and relationships across generations. Specifically, I have been thinking about the power of commitment. Unconditional love at its deepest level is a commitment, based on trust, that two people will always be there for each other no matter what. Children are the ultimate expression and an extension of that trust and never more so than with adoption. Grandchildren present the opportunity to expand that trust over generations. Tomorrow we witness all three and the family circle gets bigger.

What I know is how powerful, profound, and hard it is when one extends absolute trust to another. It is the hardest work we do as humans. Such is the hallmark of a strong marriage, of true friendships, and the decision to be a parent. Inherent in such work is great reward. 

It is an honor to witness unconditional love grow and take flight. You are off to a wonderful start.

Congratulations guys.

And another reason to love October.


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