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We are at War,let's act like it

Posted by griffithd on February 17, 2018 at 3:10 PM

Despite recent events, I am cynical about our political will or our ability to enact effective gun control or fund essential mental health programs and processes that can efficiently prevent another child or citizen being killed by an unstable individual with an automatic weapon.

So while I am not happy about that reality, I have been doing some executive math lately supported with some data sourced from my favored source of truth, Google.

There are about 150,000 schools in the United States from elementary to 4-year college institutions as of 2013.

Since January 1st of 2018, there have been eight school shootings where at least one death has occurred.

The anticipated cost for the proposed border wall is seven to ten billion.

The odds of meaningful gun control legislation based on history is zero. Under the proposed Presidential budget mental health and behavioral health spending is significantly cut.

Ten billion would fun a one-time investment in each school in America some $66,000 for security upgrades or fund a well trained armed guard for a year.

I am not sure how many illegal immigrants are crossing the borders with AR-15 ’s, but apparently, there is any number of individuals with automatic weapons crossing the thresholds of our schools and checking into Las Vegas hotels.

In the absence of the political will to reform gun ownership that respects the intent of the second amendment and protects children and the lack of funding and systems to address chronic mental health issues, which are a factor in these shootings, one has to look to other options. Doing nothing is not an option here.

Surely funding is available to protect children attending schools? While not the ideal solution, the genie is out of the bottle. Guns are readily available and even with the political will gun control is a long-term cleanup. Given mental health funding, we have an even longer road to travel.

I am not a fan of untrained individuals carrying arms for protection. However, funding is available for the training and staffing to provide a level of a deterrent in our schools beyond the current level.

If you can fund a wall that is not all that necessary, surely we can support a higher level of protection for our children and do so now.

Let's  get our priorities in order and enough talk. If we are not going to implement gun control, if we are not going to address mental health as a meaningful level, then at least let's build a wall of protection in the right place and do it now.

Look if one shoe bomber can create the TSA airport change in the check-in process, you would have to think a 100 school shootings would prompt some federal action.

We are at war, let's act like it.

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