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Posted by griffithd on February 7, 2018 at 4:45 PM

I want you to hold onto the feeling you had Sunday night, 4th quarter and Tom Brady has the ball with a little over two minutes to go. We are up 5 points and your heart is in your throat.

In your mind, you are replaying the Atlanta game a year ago.

Then for the first time in the game the Eagles defense come through with a QB sack and recovered fumble. Eagles run the clock, put three more on the board and shut down the New England offence as time runs out. 58 years of frustration and loyalty let lose.

It is that moment of collective pure joy for a team, a city, and a region. The last time I had such a feeling I was in the stands for the last game of the Phillies 1980 run.

Pure joy. You are a little kid, for a moment sport is not big business, you feel a pride that your team, underdog, beaten and injured, has triumphed on the field, and as a fan you are very much a part of that journey.

Hold that joy, that feeling, that elation in your heart.

Now turn to your day to day and ponder the following.

How do you take that victory, that joy, that sense of belonging and turn it into something even more powerful?

We are a City and Region facing major challenges. They are easy to excuse away and hand off as someone else’s problem, but they remain real and they are growing.

We all can name them. Poverty, Education, Housing, Wellness, Employment. Issues that 30 percent of our citizens’ face every day. No one cause and no one solution.

Like the Eagles win, no one player can address these issues, but as a community, as a team coming together and putting the mission ahead of individual performance and agendas we can meet these issues and we can address them. Study the issues, volunteers with your time, treasure, and talent, find an agency that can become your team, get in the game.

Imagine the joy you felt Sunday night as the clock wound down repeating itself as you reach out and care for the stranger and make a difference in both your lives.

It is just as big a win. Actually bigger.


Categories: ECS Outreach, Leadership, Griffith Thoughts

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