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Posted by Dave Griffith on January 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM

It would be way too easy to fall into the trap of if 2016 was a wine we would put it away and never drink it. Might gift it, but that’s another post.

However I will agree that 2016 has been a year of high highs and low lows.

On the high side our Son moved back east and is working and living in Philadelphia. I don’t miss the 3000 mile flights. We picked up a Son in Law in June as we celebrated Lindsay and Dan’s wedding with family and friends.

On the low side we continue to deal with Jane and Ian no longer being with us, at least in body, but certainly with us in spirit. Regardless of the outcome, the national election left me wanting for honest leadership and character to lead our nation.

Professionally the year brought challenges and some measure of success. We participated in a wonderful search process for a new Bishop of Pennsylvania, we saw the companies and nonprofits we work with grow and manage through some difficult circumstances, and I picked up a new for profit board responsibility. At Episcopal Community Services we continued with transition in both leadership and programs and as the year closed launched our new brand and in early 2017 we will roll out the results of a yearlong effort with our strategic plan. We continued to serve over 2000 individual in need and offer a hand up as we challenge poverty in our region with a unique vision for both the agency and the work we do.

So with every look back comes the look forward. In 2017 I have some resolutions and more importantly some resolve to go in back of them. My top eleven.

1. To let my faith guide me more and to trust what it tells me. I suspect this is a function of age.

2. To wear my safety pin and to live into what it represents.

3. To be relentless in the development of talent in all the organizations I work with.

4. To wear my Muddy Boots more.

5. To be accountable and focused on major things and not everything.

6. To spend more time on and be more open to innovation.

7. More date nights with my best friend.

8. To go for more walks with my dog and more walks period.

9. To mentor more young people.

10. To advocate more forcefully and thoughtfully for causes I believe in.

11. To continue to commit to making a difference and getting more folks to travel that path.

So, so long 2016.

Hello 2017.

My deep thanks to all the individuals I work with, the friends we laugh with, and the family I am blessed to be part of, peace.


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