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Facts not Myths

Posted by Dave Griffith on October 23, 2015 at 8:45 AM

I thought that retirement would be different. The fact of the matter is when I stepped away from the day to day at Modern I thought I would be spending more time traveling, warmer winters than PA experiences, and getting to know my partner of 38 years on a new level that time allows. Well it did not work out that way. As you may know from my muddy boots blog I took an assignment with a nonprofit in Center City dealing with the issues of poverty and its impact on the most vulnerable in our region. 

It has and continues to be a remarkable experience. The people that I work with, both employees, volunteers and our partners are extraordinary in their calling for this work. Even more so is the resiliency of the participants with whom we work.  What I thought I knew about poverty is a myth. What I thought I knew about race is a myth. It is the height of arrogance to speak of these issue without first hand knowledge. 

Agencies like ECS where I work need your financial support. However what we need more is your time to not only volunteer, but to learn and understand first hand the real issues and the real solutions. Poverty will consume us as a society if we don't respond as a society. We all need to become advocates for change in both current public and private policy. The '' system '' is broke on so many levels. Political will comes to pass one individual at a time.

Will you step up. Will you become an advocate based on the facts, not the myths. 

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