Muddy Boots 2.0

Waer Muddy Boots 


Muddy Boots 2.0

Muddy Boots is now seven years old. I thought it was time for a refresh. Welcome to Muddy Boots 2.0

Muddy Boots comes from the time I became a manager. I called my Dad and on the news he asked me to stand up and look down. What are you wearing. Black wingtips. Wrong answer. You need to be wearing Muddy Boots. 

You go into the field. You get your boots dirty. You ask two questions. 

How are we doing?

What can we do better ?

Leadership never comes from sitting behind a need to get your boots muddy and get in the field with your employees, customers, clients, vendors, and stakeholders. The more you listen the more you learn. The individual closest to the action generally knows the real story. 

I have been a manager for 44 years, starting with IBM and now leading a non-profit, Episcopal Community Services, in what I hope will be my last professional chapter.  I have a fair amount of scar tissue, which I have come to learn is the best teacher. Leadership can be about talk and vision, but it is way more about deeds. For what it's worth, here are some of my thoughts on the subject of leadership, muddy boots and other stuff I find interesting. 

Thank you for your interest and I welcome your comments and exchange. Ideas and views are better when shared.  

What I know is we are stronger together. Let's build a better world. Let's put Grandchildren over greed.